Establishment Orders

Estt.Order No Date Subject
EO(NGO)No 12/2019 27.06.2019 Posting and Transfer in the Cadre of Inspector
EO(NGO)No 05/2019 14.02.2019 Postings of MTS
EO(NGO)No 04/2019 12.02.2019 Postings of Inspectors
Office Order No.03/2019 30.01.2019 Office Order No. 03 of 2019
EO(GO) No.02/2019 02.01.2019 Posting of Tax Assistant to Establishment or Administration Sec.,Head Quarters
EO(GO) No.01/2019 01.01.2019 Posting of Superintendent to Review/Tribunal Section, Head Quarters
EO(GO) No.23/2018 17.12.2018 Postings of Superintendents
EO(NGO) No.22/2018 28.11.2018 Postings of Head Hawaldars/Hawaldars
EO No.21/2018 23.11.2018 Establishment Order of Superintendent
Office Order No.15/2018 23.11.2018 Office Order of officers to
assign the task of conduct E-Way bill Verfication
EO No.14/2018 10.08.2018 Establishment Order of Superintendents
Office Order No.10/2018 31.07.2018 Deputy Commissioner/Asst. Commissioner's work order
Office Order No.08/2018 19.07.2018 Deputy Commissioner/Asst. Commissioner's work order